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Roztalaei Company

Roztalaei Company (Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 2006 by Haj Ahmad Najafi Moghadam with registration number 2811 and national ID 10760264850 and was put into operation in Ghaemshahr city of Mazandaran province. The field of activity of this company is producing all kinds of sauces, including mayonnaise, French, thousand islands, ketchup, hot pepper sauce and pomegranate sauce, and… in various packages of jar, pat, bucket and sachet for store use, restaurant use and fast food, as well as various Food condiments. The production factory is equipped with the best processing machines for the production of ketchup, mayonnaise and sauces, and is also equipped with packaging machines in different types of containers and sachets in normal weights. Advanced quality control laboratory and experienced engineers and personnel guarantee the quality of the company's products. All products of this company have a manufacturing license, standard and halal logo, and comprehensive quality management systems and continuous improvement are used at different levels of the company

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